• Professional Development Programme

    Fuel Your Growth With Industry-Ready Human Capital

The courses we offer are designed specifically by experienced aerospace players to develop personnel with the set of capabilities needed to excel in the Aviation Industry. With in-depth contents at a short duration, these courses are perfect for companies to enroll to gain outstanding development within a short period.

Technical Training

OUR technical training sets us apart from business as usual. With our best practices and vast experience in the aerospace industry, we will guide you to increase your efficiency in solving any design problems. With these qualities, your company can reduce design issues and cost, as well as improve productivity in the latter stages of product life-cycles.



Aviation & MRO Technical Training

Do you have what it takes to excel in the world of Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)? With our comprehensive training modules, we will equip you with knowledge necessary to face the challenges of the MRO industry. Our training can help you develop personnel with the set of capabilities needed to excel in the Aviation Industry.


Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing is set to accelerate globally. Are you ready to exploit the opportunities in this rapidly growing sector? We can help you to discover the potential business opportunities as well as share our extensive knowledge in aerospace manufacturing. We have a wide range of courses tailored to best suit your capabilities and needs.



Social Capital Engineering

Social Capital Engineering will provide your organization with better tools to holistically manage and deploy your human capital. Our courses emphasize strategic partnerships to optimize resources and networks to maximize output. We also focus on internal networks and identify your hidden influencers and potential partners to speed up your organization.



Innovation Management

Innovation Management will help your organization fully utilize the creativity and realize opportunities for the development of your business. We will introduce you to the innovation pillars essential to convert your ideas to innovations.