• Investment

    Sustaining The Future With The Right Partners

MARA is committed to invest into Key Strategic Partnerships towards continuous technology transfer and developing a supply value chain to support the aerospace manufacturers in a cost efficient and abled manner.

MARA Aerospace and Technologies Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of MARA, is the master planner and implementer of the Asia Aerospace City (AAC) vision. It acts in line with the strategies of the National Aerospace Industry Coordination Agency (NAICA), focusing on increasing the number of value jobs by catalysing the development of the aerospace supply chain.

AAC is building a strong aerospace supply chain framework in the years to come to serve the requirements of enhanced manufacturing abilities and speed for 1st Tier organisations, under direct supervision from the OEMs.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships are established on all levels of businesses – from engineering design to structural manufacturing to development of human capital. These are then coupled with Malaysia’s unique offering of industry-ready talent, excellent engineering education, cost-efficient labour, land availability, government-backed tax incentives and financial and administrative support.

Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) of Malaysian Government, AAC drives the development of a supply value chain framework to support the OEMs and the Tier-1 aerospace organisations for activities including:

  • parts and component manufacturing
  • materials processing (including machining, non-destructive testing (NDT) and surface treatment)
  • jigs and tooling capabilities
  • in-service cabin / panel conversion or modification or refurbishment (for both commercial and business/corporate jets)
  • P2F conversions

Why invest in AAC?

Every investment in AAC carries the approach of making it relevant for the industry players, to be competitive and sustainable within Asia and globally. Which is why the entry points are through strategic partnership with the OEMs and/or with the Tier 1 organisations to understand innovation and cost parameters and support their programmes for the next 10-20 year horizon. This is fully backed by the Government and privately owned aerospace infrastructure and facilities.

Efficient technology and innovation transfer by the OEMs, competitive cost structures of Malaysian industries, and a full backing of the Malaysian government ensure that investments into AAC are among the most profitable and sustainable ventures in aerospace within Asia.


Our Pledge

AAC practices transparency and ethical corporate governance. The Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) implements stringent intellectual property protection, and provides the assurance that all government entities involved are working together, and that policies are made to facilitate the growth of the aerospace industry.