• Engineering Services

    The Backbone of Aerospace Technology and Innovation

Company Overview

The Engineering Services business pillar of the Asia Aerospace City is championed by Strand Aerospace Malaysia.

Strand Aerospace Malaysia is part of the STRAND Group of companies with offices in Malaysia and United Kingdom. The depth of their capabilities and reputation for technical excellence have allowed them to be involved with cutting-edge aircraft programs globally.

Services covered by the STRAND Group include design , engineering for continuous product development (CPD), certification analysis (checkstress), manufacturing support, in-service support, aircraft structural integrity, development and research. These services  are not only for the aerospace industry but are increasingly being offered to other engineering verticals as well.
Since its establishment STRAND Aerospace Malaysia has:
  • Achieved major engineering services milestones in the SEA region. This is epitomised by the significant primary structures analysis and design work they have done involving Airbus flagship aircraft.
  • Established itself as a key supplier of aircraft engineering design and analysis services to the global aerospace industry. Its goal is to become the focal point for  the global aerospace industry in Asia.
  • Formed strategic partnerships in the human capital development specifically targeted for the Engineering Services industry. This includes MARA, where they support the development Asia Aerospace City (AAC), a regional hub for Aerospace Engineering Services, Education, Research and Technology and High-End MRO services.


Strand Aerospace Malaysia holds:-
  • AS EN SJAC 9100 (Cert No. 2009/32562)
  • ISO 9001:2008  (Cert No. 2009/32561)
  • Airbus Approved (Metallic & Composites) (Cert No. 300135) since 2006.
  • Registered member of Airbus Supply Chain and has been audited and approved by various Airbus Tier 1 and E2S companies.

Completed Projects


  • Cargo Floor Fatigue and Static Analysis SRM
  • Spoilers and Ailerons F&DT Analysis
  • Rib Post


  • Front and Rear Spar Static,  F&DT Analysis (with FEM)
  • Wing Composite Panel Static Analysis (With FEM)


  • Sharklet Retrofit F&DT
  • CPD Wing Spars, Skins and Ribs Life Extension Analysis


  • Freighter Conversion Flaps, Spoilers and Landing Gear F&DT

A350 XWB

  • Root End Fixed Fairing
  • Main Landing Gear System (MLGS) Design Analysis (With FEM)
  • Wing Composite Panel  Static Analysis (With FEM)
  • Flight Test Instrument (With FEM)
  • Fuselage Concession


  • VIP Cabin modification (In-service)

Bombardier G7000/8000

  • Elevator and Rudder Metallic and Composite Analysis
  • FEM Analysis of Fuselage Support Structures
  • Design of Modular Housing Prototype
  • Design Optimisation Feasibility Study of Composite Dome Shell Structure

MRJ and C-Series

  • Thrust Reverser

A320 NEO

  • Pylon and Root F&DT

On-Going Projects

  • A321ESG – Pylon Fittings
  • A350 - On-site F&DT Support
  • A400M – F/S & R/S Rib Post F&DT
  • B747 – Technical Services Support
  • PDC Engineer Development Overseas
  • MRJ – Horizontal Stabilizer Finite Element Modeling & Analysis
  • Cargo Ships Autocad to Solidworks Conversion
  • B787-10 – Rib Static and Fatigue Analysis
  • Fan Casing RFI