• Business Consulting Centre

    Smooth Gliding Business Operations and Set-Up

Smooth Gliding Business Operations and Set-Up


Business Consultancy

  • Business Set-up
  • Human Capital and Training

Industry Intelligence

  • Government Data Analysis
  • Regional Market Analysis

International Advisory Panel (IAP) Insights

  • Current industry insights for solid business decisions

Technology Consultancy

  • Engineering Services
  • Facilitation in certification
  • Research and Technology

Strategy development

  • Develop business and product line strategies
  • Branding and marketing strategies

Business Support

  • Develop strategies and plans for government financial incentives
  • Branding and marketing strategies


The Business Consulting Centre (BCC) is the first stop to your Aerospace investment in Malaysia and specifically in Asia Aerospace City. The BCC removes barriers to business formation and assists you in addressing key questions in setting up investments in Malaysia:

  • Human capital and talent availability
  • Government financial assistance and incentives
  • Engineering services support
  • Research & Technology support

The BCC maintains active partnerships with key aerospace players in Malaysia, notably among key government agencies to enable its assistance in addressing the above key questions and other strategic solutions.

International Advisory Panel

The BCC operates with the support of an International Advisory Panel (IAP), which provides counsel on BCC’s services in line with the industry’s needs. The IAP is a panel of international aerospace experts ranging from academicians to industry professionals and decision-makers that BCC regularly taps into for specific insights into the global aerospace industry.

Our Partners

The Asia Aerospace City is driven by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), a Malaysian government agency for entrepreneurship and human capital, through its subsidiary M-AeroTech.

With a single goal of promoting and supporting the Malaysian aerospace industry development, M-Aerotech collaborates with the National Aerospace Industry Coordinating Agency (NAICO), consisting of:

Case Studies

Preparation of Entry Point Project 7 Business Analysis


The BCC, in collaboration with PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit), prepared the business case and analysis for the Entry Point Project 7: Making Malaysia the Hub for Aerospace OEMs in South East Asia.

Consulting for a Major Malaysian Conglomerate for entry in Aerospace Manufacturing


The BCC currently runs a 3 year consulting project with a premier Malaysian conglomerate who is making an entry into the aerospace industry. The project involves major coordination with a premier Aerospace OEM.

Consulting for a Major Malaysian Aerospace player for Strategic Master Planning


The BCC was engaged by a listed Malaysian Aerospace player to propose a land development Master Plan for an Aerospace Belt.